Sunday, May 31, 2009

Listing Challenge Day 7

Happy Sunday to all!
I was finally able to finish up one of my current designs and I must say that I am quite please with the way it turned out!  It is a sweet, simple, yet elegant shower card that features the guest of honors name in green writing, a corresponding green cardstock backing as well as a light green swarovski crystal.  I have also paired this with matching thank you cards which I'm sure will make the guest of honor happy that they don't need to worry about thank you cards for their shower.  This is available now in my shop in a lot of different colors, I'm offering it in pink, fushia, purple, lavender, blue, green, red....the color combination is endless.
This listing is all the help of my challenge without which I don't think that I would be able to get motivated enough to finish off some of my invites.

Today I am showcasing the works of 

She has a fabulous shop with so many beautiful cards!  There are more than a few treasures in this shop and you should run to check out her fabulous items.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pink Saturday & Listing Challenge Day 6

Well this is something new that I read about from the Life with Terri blog and I proceed to How Sweet the Sound blog and found out more informtion about Pink Saturday.  The concept is very simple, post something pink on Saturdays, now without stating the obvious, I should not have a problem with this!  Well I have choosen this beautiful pink flower thank you card to showcase for Pinky Saturday as well as my Listing Challenge!
This item is another re-list, but I've had a hectic day with no time to create something new to list.  I do hope that tomorrow will bring a new item, be sure to check back!

My feature shop today is

I love the vintage feel to this card and in keeping with Pink Saturday, it also has some pink in it!  I love that various materials make up this card.  Be sure to check out this fantastic shop.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Listing Challenge Day 5

Today I'm up with the birds!  My youngest daughter decided that she was not going back to sleep at 6:30am and I did not press the point.  Today is Friday and I have quite a bit to do so I thought why not get a good head start on the day.
I've had quite a few ideads for invitations during this challenge and I've started working on two designs.  Neither of them are quite ready to roll out so for today my listing is  a re-list.  I adore this note card set.  This little blue vespa is awesome.

I'm not sure if anyone else has had a chance to update there shop yet but I'll go have a look.

My shop to showcase to is

This is a beautiful birthday card that I'm sure anyone would be pleased to receive!  Be sure to visit her shop for many more beautiful cards.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Listing Challenge Day 4

Today I'm even LATER than yesterday in doing my post, but I'm not letting this get the better of me and I'm hoping that by not always posting in either the early morning or late evening will show some different results.   This is a sweet thank you card with rounded corners.

Today I have choosen to feature

This is the sweetest tea card that actually comes with a tea bag!  You must check out Terri's shop for this card and many others.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Listing Challenge Day 3

Today I'm a little late in doing my challenge post, but life got in the way of work!
 I'm a SAHM of two very active girls and I like to keep them busy and happy.
Today was a whirlwind day of play, school, naps, food, errands, but it was no different than any other day, and I would not change it for the world!  However sometimes it means that I'm not able to get done all that I need to, but I do try.
The girls are now fed and in there pj's, and hopefully getting sleepy, so that leaves me about 2min to myself before I hear the words "mommmmmmy" or hear a loud outburst only to find my 1 year old with a HUGE smile on her face.
In the words of Scarlett O'Hara, tomorrow is another day.
This post is close to my heart as it is the invite that I used for my daughter's first birthday.
I was going to go with a teddy bear theme, but she's only 1 and I was having family over to celebrate so I decided on these super cute invites instead and I'm glad that I did.
They are cute and simple and every time I look at them, they put a smile on my face.
So I have decided to offer it to the masses!  This invite is fully customizable and I have no doubt that you will be satisfied with the outcome!

I've choosen to showcase  lwhelan

This is a beautiful flower corsage and there are so many other beautiful things to behold! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Listing Challenge - Day 2

Here is my next listing for the second day of the challenge! Let's Stop Monkeying Around
This is a great card with many different uses.  You may want to end an affair with someone, there may also be someone special that you'd like to get more serious about, you may want to straighten out your teen.
Be sure to check out my shop for more fun and interesting cards.

I'm promoting today 
This is a great card to give to all the Dad's out there!

Happy Shopping!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Listing Challenge - Day 1

Well here we are at Day 1 of the challenge and I'm starting off on the right foot.
This is my first post of the challenge!  Happy Birthday Flower Bloom Greeting
I'm also offering, for the duration of the challenge, 10% off all items in my shop!

I am also going to feature one of the other participants in the challenge on my blog as well and today the lucky shop is...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

EtsyGreetings 10 Day Challenge

Well I've signed on for an Etsygreetings 10 day challenge!
I have been really busy these past weeks and I've dropped the ball on my shop yet again.
I hope that my signing on for this challenge will encourage me not only to start listing some new  items but also start actively promoting my shop again.
Here are some of the "rules"
1. I must list at least 1 item per day for 10 days in a row
2. Update my blog daily with the item and a link
3. Give a shout out to another member who is also doing the challenge with me.
4. Check the blogs of other challenge participants to ensure that they are keeping up
5. Promote, promote, promote!

I'm excited to see what the results will be!  I'll be sure to keep an eye on my Google Analytics to see if my traffic increases.

Now I already have a headstart with "rule" number 4, I've listed on the right all of the participants in this challenge and it shows the last time they updated either their blog or shop, so I'm hoping that this will keep everyone on the straight and narrow.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to meeeeeee
Happy Birthday to me!
Can you guess what today is?! ( heehee)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

EtsyGreetings Father's Day Promotion

It's time for another EtsyGreetings promotion and this one is celebrating Father's Day!
Be sure to head over to the EtsyGreetings blog for more information!
I'll have to start working on Father's Day cards.