Friday, May 29, 2009

Listing Challenge Day 5

Today I'm up with the birds!  My youngest daughter decided that she was not going back to sleep at 6:30am and I did not press the point.  Today is Friday and I have quite a bit to do so I thought why not get a good head start on the day.
I've had quite a few ideads for invitations during this challenge and I've started working on two designs.  Neither of them are quite ready to roll out so for today my listing is  a re-list.  I adore this note card set.  This little blue vespa is awesome.

I'm not sure if anyone else has had a chance to update there shop yet but I'll go have a look.

My shop to showcase to is

This is a beautiful birthday card that I'm sure anyone would be pleased to receive!  Be sure to visit her shop for many more beautiful cards.


Beverly said...

Just stopping by to see your first Pink Saturday post. I'll try to come by again later.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday! Just stopped by to grab peek at your Pinkness.

Today I've got Part II of For a Princess (with Part I recapped) - and as it is centered around a celebration, it fits perfectly what with all of the little princesses in their pink tiaras; ) I hope you can come by - I know you'll enjoy it.