Saturday, October 3, 2009

Evolution of Tools-Corners

Well it seems like corners are my thing! I like the rounded corners on my greeting and note cards, it just gives them a bit of an edge that I love! Well my trusty corner rounder has been with me for years and years and it's never let me down. It's small and effective and I love it!

Well now it seems like my volume of cards and notecards has increased ten fold (yeah!) and I am in need of an "evolution" tool. The topic of corner rounders was brought up by my EtsyGreetings members and I now have a new tool which I must own!

I am able to round paper, chipboard, cork board, foam and more. I can cut the corners of up to 100 sheets of #20 paper!!!!! (That's right I said 100!) And there's extra blades to adjust the corner size, how cool is that!
I don't yet own this tool yet as I am trying to hunt it down at my local crafts shops before I need to turn my sights online! I've only heard excellent things about this item and I look forward to owning it soon!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Evolution of Tools-Folds

When I first starting having to fold my cardstock by hand I could not figure out how to make a crisp crease! This boggled my mind for a long while until I was introduced to this miraculous tool
BEFORE: Bone Folder

This was my saviour, my folds were crisp and clean, my only problem was setting the paper up properly inorder to score it hmmm. Now enter
NOW: Score-It

This fantastic item comes in 4 different sizes and is able to clearly mark the center of your paper in order to acheive a perfect center score each and every time. There is also little to no cracking of heavier cardstock. This was by far one of my favorite "evolution" purchases to date.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Evolution of Tools-Adhesive

I love tools! I love what I have and I love learning about new ones! It seems like there is something for everyone and if your lukcy, your favorite tool may have evolved and be easier to use. I will be showcasing some of my favorite tools over the next couple of days and the evolution.
I'm starting out today with an oldie but a goodie!

Well it's funny how times have changed, everything has gotten bigger and I think better, and a tad bit easier, Oh and did I mention bigger!

When I was creating greeing cards for my family and friends I would buy these at my local craft store two at a time because I was going through a TON of them. Now that I have entered the online selling world, I heard the whispers about a tool that no respectible crafter could live without! This is definatly an investment tool as the price tag is a bit steep ($45.00apprx.) but once you get the hang of installing the tape, it's a tool that is well worth the money.

BTW, mine is pink!!!!