Saturday, October 3, 2009

Evolution of Tools-Corners

Well it seems like corners are my thing! I like the rounded corners on my greeting and note cards, it just gives them a bit of an edge that I love! Well my trusty corner rounder has been with me for years and years and it's never let me down. It's small and effective and I love it!

Well now it seems like my volume of cards and notecards has increased ten fold (yeah!) and I am in need of an "evolution" tool. The topic of corner rounders was brought up by my EtsyGreetings members and I now have a new tool which I must own!

I am able to round paper, chipboard, cork board, foam and more. I can cut the corners of up to 100 sheets of #20 paper!!!!! (That's right I said 100!) And there's extra blades to adjust the corner size, how cool is that!
I don't yet own this tool yet as I am trying to hunt it down at my local crafts shops before I need to turn my sights online! I've only heard excellent things about this item and I look forward to owning it soon!


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