Thursday, October 1, 2009

Evolution of Tools-Adhesive

I love tools! I love what I have and I love learning about new ones! It seems like there is something for everyone and if your lukcy, your favorite tool may have evolved and be easier to use. I will be showcasing some of my favorite tools over the next couple of days and the evolution.
I'm starting out today with an oldie but a goodie!

Well it's funny how times have changed, everything has gotten bigger and I think better, and a tad bit easier, Oh and did I mention bigger!

When I was creating greeing cards for my family and friends I would buy these at my local craft store two at a time because I was going through a TON of them. Now that I have entered the online selling world, I heard the whispers about a tool that no respectible crafter could live without! This is definatly an investment tool as the price tag is a bit steep ($45.00apprx.) but once you get the hang of installing the tape, it's a tool that is well worth the money.

BTW, mine is pink!!!!


DJ said...

Pretty neat idea - thanks for sharing this :)

Found your blog via Etsy forums.

S.A.M said...

Saw that you are a fan of Creative Memories corner rounder. Is this adhesive better than the Creative Memories Tape Runner?