Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dollhouse Update 3

Well the painters came today, did a quick first coat on the upper floors, mumbled, complained and then claimed that this shit was too hard, and left.
In their defense, it was 5am and the rooms were pretty dark.
I hope they come back! I miss them!

Well my designer is coming today and hopefully we can hit the store and find some really cool items that won't break the bank.

Let's cross our fingers!

Happy Shopping!

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midcenturymodernmix said...

Love your writing style. Makes me smile. I've come across an entire community of talented artists since I've joined the I'm a Giant Dollhouse Challenge. Your Christmas Etsy items are adorable. I love the start of your house. How is coming along? Did the painters return? Send them to my job site when their done at your place. I just started remodeling mine a few days ago/ I have a lot to do. Check out my progress at I just posted some links to get free stuff for your dollhouse. Bye for now, I'll be back.