Friday, November 4, 2011

Dollhouse Update 2

original color is a mahogany and I'm painting the pieces white and black for now!

Okay this shit is hard, and expensive!
I was thinking dollhouse, miniature, easy peasy.
It is fun, time consuming, exhausting, oh and did I mention hard!

With me being a full time mom to two little girls and wife to one big boy, finding time between hockey practice, homework, school, swim lessons, keeping up with the house and running my own business, has been hard work!

There are so many amazing tutorials, blogs and websites dedicated to miniatures, I can't wrap my head around the direction that I want my house to go!

I made a budget for each room, and I think I blew that with my first few online purchases. (pics to come once they arrive)

I was however able to find some really inexpensive pieces that I think will work well in the house for now.

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