Friday, October 21, 2011

New Houses

I may have bought a new house today! I know what your thinking, "WTF!$%"

You know how it is, you go into the markeplace just looking, then something catches your eye, and you feel you MUST have it, this is the one for me!
Well it was not quite like that with me, I've been searching and searching. I wanted the 10 room house, excluding bathrooms of course! My house would have a library maybe two because I love to read!, great room, dining room in which to feed 20 people or more, a walk in closet to rival Marah Carey's, a wrapping room, a man's den, a media room, a games room, a sitting room just becuase, you see where this is going. I would need a whole lot of other rooms, that I did not know about but I'm not sure how I ever lived without them.
Well it turns out that I can't afford that mansion in the sky, bummer!

For now I'm going to have to settle for my little diamond in the rough.
I'm unsure of the square footage, I have no idea how many bathrooms it has, I think that it only has 4 rooms, it needs a bit of work in the inside, who am I kidding, it needs a LOT of TLC, but I'm excited to transform it into my dream home!
BTW did I mention that this was a dollhouse!

Yes that's right, you heard me correctly, a dollhouse, and I could not be more excited!

I'm joining the movement, Emily Henderson has a fantastic idea to bring bloggers together to build a home in miniature. I've loved minitatures for a while now and have always wanted an excuse to lavish my two daughters with there very own play house and here is my chance to get them started.

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