Monday, October 24, 2011

Dollhouse Challenge Update 1

front of the house, needs so curb appeal
interior wallpaper needs to go, but I may keep the floors, they are in good shape, I really want to tile the entranceway!
the kitchen! LOL
little broken piece that needs to be fixed or I may see about taking down the wall and fix up the stairs
master bedroom which will be perfect for me to put in a kick ass closet!

Well my house has arrived! I'm super excited to get started right away, but I must pace myself, there is quite a bit of work that needs to be done first.
My kids were super excited to play with the house when it arrived but I politely told them to BACK OFF!

The overall bones of the house are excellent but it does need some work, there's a kitchen that's just way to small for entertaining, the wallpaper needs a fresh look and the exterior needs some curb appeal, but I feel that I'm on top of things. I've hired a contractor (me), a designer (me) and a painter (me)! So I feel that I'm ready to start with the de-construction of the house.

This house is a lot bigger than I would have thought, and although it only technically has 4 rooms, they are pretty big and there are so many other rooms that I want to incorporate that I need to figure out how to section off some rooms but still make it accessible for play, or do I???

My plans are to have a bedroom (or two) a living room/library, a dining room, kitchen, wrapping/craft room (how can I not) and a bathroom.

Wish me luck!

Happy Shopping!

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