Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

You know when when you have an idea of a project and the conception seems awesome,but when you actually go to do the project your like what the fu#4!

This was me with my 6 year old Valentines day gifts for her class!

I loved the idea, and it seemed sweet and easy, but the actual completion of the project was a bitch!

I think part of the problem is that I'm sick and the last thing on my mind was let's complete 24 Valentine's day gifts for my daughters class.

I was in bed at 7:00pm with my DH and as we were talking about our day I said "Oh shit! I have to finish B's Valenines Gifts"
My hubby is so sweet, he heard me hacking up a lung as asked if I would like his help!
Well it was a simple print and asembley job in my mind, and I said "No thanks honey, I've got this!"
Can I tell you that 3 hours later, I don't have this!

This project involved so many steps that I can't think straight, and becuase I'm a perfectionist it took way too long!

I am all about presentation, and if I'm packaging a stick of gum, it's going to be the best packaged stick of gum that you've ever received!

I love the look of my daughter's Valentine's gifts, I just wish that I was not sick, and it did not take me so long to assemble!


Happy Shopping!

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