Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I've been ignoring both my shop and blog for so long, I thought that it was time that I did something about it! I'm embarking on a mission to increase both my sales as well as get noticed. Below is how I hope to acheive this.

A Newsletter: I've already put my plan in motion by completing my first newsletter! I'm super excited that this is completed, it was fun and super simple to put together and I'm really pleased with how my first issue turned out. Now I just need more subscribers (hint hint!)

My Shop: I'm committing for the month of June to list new items until I reach 50-75 items and once that is completed I'll just keep trying to keep my items at the top of the list by renewing them! I've set the amount at 50-75 items, because I'm not sure that I can create any more than that within the month, if I do than I'll keep listing away otherwise I will resort to renewing. I have a lot of new products that I'll be rolling out as well as a few more in my head that just needs me to figure out how I'm going to express them.

Marketing and Promotion: This is a tough one as this takes up the most amount of time and when doing online marketing and promotion, it' best to not do this all at once. I've rediscovered my love for linkrefferal, it's super easy to do, a bit time consuming but I know that I'm guarrentted that a few people will actually have a look at my shop and hopefully one day soon it will turn into a sale! I'm also going to try to be a bit more active in the Etsy forums, there is a wealth of information there and I do enjoy the discussions. I've begun to give my business cards to my friends, I know that this sounds odd, but I really do not like to push myself on my friends, I'd rather a good friend than a sale! I'm doing quite a bit of thank you cards as well as personalized stationery and this has been awesome as it has "forced" me to get back in the game and start designed some new items.

Budget: This indirectly will help my shop! I don't budget, I cringe when I hear the word, it's posion to me. Now with that being said I need to set money aside to elevate my shop to another level. I have not purchased much supplies this year, but I just placed an order for some cardstock and it got me thinking "how much do I want to spend on supplies this year?", and " should I be spending more money on marketing?" I need to have an answer to both these questions before I move on. With Christmas around the corner, yes I said it, I know! I need to think about if I need to order more cardstock for greeting cards, do I want to purchase more patterned paper or is my supply that I have at home enough. With regards to marketing, for now, my Etsy fees are my marketing, and frankly I don't think that I'm spending enough money, shocking I know! I don't know the answer to these questions, but I will soon.

For now I need to get these 3 areas under control and then I think that I will see the results that I want. Wish me luck!

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