Monday, May 10, 2010

Back and Better Than Ever!

Like the title says, well you know how it goes....
I'm not sure how or why I've neglected my blog for so long, but I'm back and hopefully I'll be able to keep posting more regularly! Life, Family and Whatnot keeps me pretty busy these days. My girls are growing up so fast, I don't want to miss one moment of it!

I have been in a creative slump for some time, but I've found my mojo and have designed quite a few new items. Not too many have made it to my shop yet, but I hope to change that very soon.

This is one item that I'm really proud of, Gerber Daisy Hair Accessories! These were originally made to hand out for my daughters 5th birthday loot bags, but after creating an endless amount of them, I ended up with quite a bit of excess stock so I decided to sell some in my shop! For now these are a limited item, so if I were you, I'd get one while I can.

They are a beautiful 4" silk gerber daisy attached to a no slip fabric covered hair clippie. These are so cute for your little girl and the perfect accessory for spring/summer.
My daughter and her friends drooled over these when they got them in their loot bags! It was a huge hit!
I have a few other colors in my shop and will be adding more soon!

Enjoy and as always

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