Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 10/10/10 Challenge Day 4

Today is the last day of camp for the week and I'm sortof glad that it's over!
I will not miss the early morning wake-up, getting two kids dressed and out the door in less than 5 min!, the traffic I loathe traffic!!!!!
I will miss getting my work-out done and out of the way by 10:30am. This is a big plus as I'm still trying to loose that last 10 pounds! I can't keep blaming the baby for my weight, she's 14 months now!
Today I re-listed my Red and Blue Star Gift Tags, I showed a picture of my new packaging of my gift tags and they also falls in line with my stickers.

Today I am featuring Harmonia30
Her cards are beautiful and so well photographed! This was a tough choice because all of her cards are so beautiful! I love the way how her cards are labelled by names, I was hoping to find a card with my girls name but I had no such luck but I did really like the Ella card


1CardCreator said...

elections for today! The Ella card is so cute. I love your packaging for your gift tags. It looks so professional.

Pinky Creations said...

Thanks so much!
It has taken quite a few trials to get some packaging that I really like.