Monday, August 25, 2008

Spotlight Monday - Baby Items

Huge Vinyl Alphabet by Tasty Suite
A little bird and flowers by Emilie Friday
Dress-up Party by Sarajanestudios

I love being apart of the Etsy Network, and there are so many wonderfully talented artisans on Etsy that I have decided to devote every Monday Spotlighting some talent!  These will come from my vast list of favorites, and believe me I have a lot of favorites!

I have baby on the brain right now, well let's face it I've always got baby on the brain,  but I've just recently had another baby girl so it's really front and centre and if you've got kids, and you're like me, then you know that there is so much kids stuff out there, the choices are endless.  This is where Etsy comes in, because I love that I can get something handmade and that is not always mass produced.
With a new baby comes decorating the baby's room and above are some items that I hope will make there way into my new daughter's room. 

Check out these shops for more items

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