Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Wishes

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy Christmas!
My day was excellent.  I had family coming over for Christmas dinner, and I can honestly say that I awoke not feeling the stress of it all.
The house was in order, the menu was planned and the gifts were wrapped!
We awoke early and ate breakfast then tore into our gifts.  I must say that this was a very special day as my daughter was able to fully appreciate the day and was very excited to open all of her gifts, even the one with clothes in them.  We even got in a little wintery snowy outside time!
Overall my husband would say that I overdid it with the gifts, but I think that it was the perfect amount of toys.  There were puzzles and books, games, dolls and of course clothes.
There was one big gift that we waited to open as it requires assembly and I'm not sure which one of us is the mood to tackle that project! It's a play kitchen!
Now I know you must be wondering did I get what I wanted for Christmas, and I won't keep you in suspense any longer and I will let you know that I am writing this blog entry on my old PC! However I did get a MacBook for Christmas!!!!!!!!
It is 13", white and I love it.  I'm going to be the most stylish SAHM ever!
I have fired it up and had a look at it, but I need some software, internet hookup and some training.
I had planned to take care of some of this stuff today, but we had family over and I thought it would be rude to excuse myself to play with my Mac, so alas it will have to wait until tomorrow.
My shop will be unoffically closed until the New Year.  I have some exciting new items to introduce in the New Year.

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