Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Getting Things Done

I'm very happy to say that we're going on vacation on Monday (yah!!! doing double handstands), so there's a ton of things I have do to, so today was a very busy day!
I had a hair appointment at 11:00 which took about 2.5 hours (uggggg!!!) and about a million errands that needed to be done!
I had my little one in tow and she was just awesome! Sometimes I don't give her enough credit for being a patient, well behaved, polite little girl.
It was so windy today that at times I thought she was going to blow away!!!
I was able to cross off everything on my list today, as well as get some well deserved shopping for me done, so now I need to write a new list of things to do for tomorrow.
I was looking for items that I thought would be nice in her room, but came up short. I need to set a goal when I want her room completed in order for me to get it done!
Well I hear my bed calling me...

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